Accountant/CPA Partner Program

Our CPA partner referral program starts at $100 per successful referral. Generate an additional revenue stream for your business with ease.

Why Join Our CPA Partner Referral Program?

  • Grow Your Income
    Your first active referral earns you $100 to start. After you've started, you'll have the opportunity to earn 10-25% revenue share for the lifetime of the account.
  • Enhance Your Client Relationships
    Add value to your services by giving your clients MSNI's high level of customer care and transparent pricing.
  • Get Support When You Need It
    Your dedicated account manager delivers personalized customer service and prompt solutions for you and your clients.

Referral Tiers

  • Starter (1-2 referrals)
    $100 per successful referral
  • Bronze (3-10 clients)
    10% revenue share
  • Silver (11-20 clients)
    15% revenue share
  • Gold (20+ clients)
    25% revenue share

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