Why Should You Care About EMV (chip card technology) and Apple Pay?

The payment processing industry is going through changes, changes that will influence your business. The need for better security plus an increase in consumer demand pushed forward these groundbreaking changes. Is your business prepared? Can your terminals handle the new EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®) cards designed to prevent fraud? If your machine cannot, you could be liable for losses. Is your business able to implement apple pay or google wallet? Continue reading to find out how you can bring your business up to date.

How To Add Value To Your Clients

Adding value to your clients is important for several reasons. It helps you to build client loyalty, improve the reputation of your brand and keep prices higher with added value. Here are four quick tips:

Merchant Processing Best Practices

Make sure you get a payment processing solution that has transparent pricing and no contracts. Solutions like this are more flexible than long-term contracts which restrict your choices and often have large cancellation fees.