MSNI Referral Partners Program

Referral Partners are in businesses where they come into contact with other businesses that can benefit from MSNI’s products and services and they refer merchants to MSNI.

CASH REFERRAL PARTNER (1-3 annual referrals)

Referral partners earn $75 per successful referral. The referral partner can instead request that a donation be sent to their favorite charity.


Residual partners commit to 4 referrals a year and receive 10%-20% of the revenue received by MSNI, based on dollar volume received.

MSNI also pays a 5% override to referral partners who network with other referral partners and share the MSNI RESIDUAL REFERRAL PARTNER opportunity.

Unlimited earnings potential

There's no limit to how many referrals you can send to us and there's no limit to how many referral payments you can receive.

No risk and no investment

There is no investment required to become a referral partner of Merchant Support Network. We provide everything you need at no charge.

No selling

We'll take care of the sales process from the moment your referral submits their application to the time they are set up and running with their new merchant account service.

Add value to your offering

By adding a link to MSNI’s service on your website, you add more value to the relationship you have with your customers by adding our quality products and services. Furthermore, by utilizing MSNI’s network you create the opportunity for a return referral as MSNI fosters the success of our network.

MSNI Agent/Sales Partner Program

Sales Partners are actively selling MSNI’s products and services and earn 30%-80% of the revenue received by MSNI, based on dollar volume received.

Sales partners also receive MSNI team support including customer service, product training, personal development, and access to our one of a kind entrepreneur in training program.

Our Sales Partner program offers you the opportunity to earn both up-front commissions and generate an ongoing revenue stream, but requires more involvement and responsibility from you than does our Referral Partner Program.

What's involved?

You will be responsible for representing our products and services. Therefore, you will be qualified to earn additional income.

Ongoing residuals

You can be eligible to receive ongoing monthly residual payments for each merchant you refer for as long as they continue to use our service

Typical Agent/Sales Partners include independent sales people, sales teams, people who network, financial institutions, web hosts/developers/ASP businesses, people looking for a home based business opportunity, and other business minded people serving businesses.

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